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To my Fellow Bin Operators, Credential Buyers, and Suppliers,


After nearly 27 years in the textile industry, I am proud to introduce you to the Association of Certified Bin Operators (ACBO), the first and only one-of-its-kind official certification organization governing the second-hand clothing collections industry. The Association, after years of preparation, will officially launch on September 1 st , 2022, which is also the birth of “National Donation Bin Day”. This will be a day that honors and celebrates the major impact that industry players like you and the caring people donating second-hand clothes and collectors have on both society and the environment.

Being the Founder and CEO of a textile recycling company for many years, I know just like you, the many challenges our industry faces each day. The ACBO certification platform not only solves most of these challenges but also provides a host of effective marketing opportunities designed to drive the public to your location(s). The platform validates your good standing and ensures the public of your commitment to the betterment of people and the planet. The purpose of ACBO is to separate, showcase, and reward all the transparent and well-intentioned organizations in the field of clothing recycling and collection.

We are all part of an amazing industry and one that allows us to raise meaningful revenue for cause-related organizations while protecting our planet. We also are responsible for the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs and responsible for providing affordable clothing options for millions of underserved people globally. Unfortunately, there are a small number of unscrupulous collectors that give our industry a” black eye”.

Part of our mission will be the natural winnowing out of these nefarious players and supporting marketing and a lobbying effort that instills a new level of trustworthiness in an important and dynamic industry segment here in the US and Canada. For this reason, the ACBO was formed and now (through its official website and its “Drop with Confidence” program) the public is now encouraged to visit the site and ONLY use ACBO vetted and certified members and locations.

Please review all the information in the ACBO’s Member Introduction/Media Kit and visit both of our websites. I am confident you will find this a very special and compelling opportunity to join an organization destined to change the face of our industry (for the better) in the months and years ahead. I look forward to you becoming a key part of the ACBO-certified family.

Warmest regards,

Ted Fisher

Senior Advisor

Association of Certified Bin Operators, LLC.

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