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National Donation Bin Day will be celebrated annually on September 1, 2022

This meaningful day celebrates and honors the major impact that the textile recyclers, collectors, and the caring people who donate their secondhand clothing, and shoes have on both humanity and the environment. This day also brings awareness to the Wear – Donate – Recycle movement, which accurately educates and informs the world about the truly amazing secondhand clothing industry.

Help us continue to bring awareness, spread appreciation, and encourage continued support by donating to your local certified drop-off locations. To find a location nearest you go to Get the children’s book “The Story Of Binny’s Amazing Journey of Secondhand clothes” for your family, and friends, or recommend it to your school district.

There are over 100,000 drop-off locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and the UK, which generate more than 250 million dollars per year to charities, divert over 1.7 billion pounds of textile waste from the world’s landfills and provide 10’s thousands of jobs while providing millions of people affordable clothing and shoe options.

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