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What We Do

The Association of Certified Bin Operators, LLC. (ACBO) is the official certification platform of the textile/secondhand clothing collection industry, serving the entire U.S. and Canada. ACBO officially certifies and promotes both private sector and nonprofit organizations in the collection industry.

We separate the good, transparent organizations from those who misrepresent and mislead.

We provide visual representation of good standings and certification with mandatory, current year, official decals to be displayed on all your drop-off locations.

We showcase our members on, an international public web locator of only certified

We educate the public the amazing impact the secondhand industry has on both people and the planet.

We provide our members with a comprehensive list of buyers and suppliers throughout the world.

We reward our members annually for their outstanding service.

We created and celebrate National Donation Bin Day September 1st.


The purpose of ACBO is to separate, showcase, and reward, all the transparent and well-intentioned organizations in the field of textile recycling and collection. To public, provide a trusted, meaningful, and sustainable manner for people to discard their unwanted clothes, shoes, and household textiles


To have 75,000 certified drop-off locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and the UK, who generate more than 250 million dollars per year to charities, divert over 1.7 billion pounds of textile waste from the world’s landfills, and provide 10’s of thousands of jobs, while providing millions of people affordable clothing and shoe options.