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At the helm of the ACBO is CEO and Senior Advisor Ted Fisher, a 27-year veteran and pioneer in the Textile industry, who has been featured in numerous media venues for his philanthropic recycling endeavors. (AKA "King Bin", Master of Philanthropic Recycling). Over the years, Ted has generated millions of dollars for cause-related organizations and has been responsible for nearly 30 million pounds of textile waste being diverted from our landfills. Ted has worked closely with state and local governments in the implementation of regulatory ordinances, best practices, and the permitting process of bin placements. As an established author of the children's book "The Amazing Journey of Secondhand Clothes” the story of the lifecycle of donated clothes and shoes, he is educating and informing both children and adults on the massive impact secondhand clothing has on people and the planet.

Ted is the mastermind behind the creation of "BINNY" ACBO’s Official Mascot and Ambassador of the global Wear - Donate - Recycle movement. His passion and integrity in both life and business is a true measure to the benefit of society and the preservation of the environment, it has been a driving force behind his success. Even at a young age, Ted was celebrated for the impact he had on people’s lives. At 15, he received the key to the city of Rye, N.Y. for saving the life of a high school football teammate. He carried these values into adulthood, and today he personally donates to a long list of organizations. Ted is the father of two children.

Key Professional Experience:

  • Chief Executive Officer - To multiple social enterprise companies

  • Entrepreneur - Conscience Capitalist, Environmentalist, Humanitarian

  • Creator of “Binny” - The ACBO Ambassador and Official Mascot of the Wear - Donate - Recycle movement

  • Creator - of the “Mayor’s Youth Recycling for Recreation” initiative

  • Creator - of “Shoes for The Cause” initiative

  • Author – Binny’s “The Amazing Journey of Secondhand Clothes”

  • Blogger - on environmental and humanitarian issues

  • Consultant - Municipal Pro bono textile recovery programs and regulations


  • Responsible for diverting over 30,000,000 pounds of textiles waste from landfills

  • Generated over $2,000,000 to cause related programs

  • Personally delivered thousands of pounds of donated clothing to FEMMA’s Westchester County Command Center, during Hurricane Sandy and other major storms

  • Spearheaded governmental legislation and assisted in forming regulatory ordinances for the donation bin industry

  • ​​​​Managed & facilitated official textile recycling/collection programs, for dozens of municipalities

  • ​​​​One of the limited number of civilians to ever be granted permission to visit wounded soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Meet the CEO
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