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Sponsor  Members

ACBO Certification/Membership is an investment in the success and continued growth of your business. The association provides services custom designed to separate, showcase, and reward its members.

Sponsor Membership ($1,495 USD per year, Note: there are only 5 sponsorships in this category)

Any organization that provides goods and services to the textile clothing and shoe collection/recycling industry, as determined by the ACBO may become an Sponsor member of the Association upon application and payment.



  • Exclusive use of all ACBO and marketing materials and official logos, for your print and online marketing purposes

  • Part of circle of influence, socially minded industry leaders

  • Showcased in one of ACBO’s featured Sponsor of the Month spotlights

  • First mover updates on industry information and happenings

  • Opportunity to win ACBO’s annual recognition awards



  • Agree to mandatory terms and conditions & member Code of Conduct documents.  Have a good BBB record

  •  Have passed a Consumer Protection Agency entity search

  •  Pay the annual sponsorship fee

The Process


1. Create a username and password
2. Complete application in full
3. Agree to mandatory Terms & Conditions, member, and Operator Code of Conduct documents. 4. Submit application including all required document uploads
5. Allow for 5 to 10 business days for reply

Once Approved


  1.  You will be granted immediate access to the member sign in area

  2.  You’ll need to execute the Member Agreement

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